Partnering to Support Community Programs in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles Clean Technology Incubator (LACI) has partnered with California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach to issue RFI on trucks & zero-emission infrastructure for moving goods. Grants are awarded for explicit

Partnering to Support Community Programs in Los Angeles County

Residents of Los Angeles County have been given the opportunity to access temporary, decent housing and personalized support services that can help them rebuild their lives and contribute to their community. To further this effort, a larger knowledge base is needed to inform and guide communities in implementing the necessary strategies to bring about population-wide change. To this end, the Los Angeles Clean Technology Incubator (LACI) has partnered with the California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to issue a request for information (RFI) on trucks, pilots, and zero-emission infrastructure for moving goods. This has resulted in responses from nearly 40 leading companies in this sector. In addition to this, grants are awarded for explicit projects or programs that can help communities work towards achieving their goals.

Research has shown that limited investment in social and disease prevention programs and services, as well as heavy investment in treatment, have contributed to disparities in outcomes. To address this issue, an effort is being made to expand services and new routes in 28 communities in Los Angeles, which will increase the number of passengers by 90% by reducing waiting times on existing routes. The economic and social impacts of universities, schools, and hospitals on their local and surrounding communities can vary greatly. To ensure that these centers are playing an active role in improving the conditions of the communities that surround them, it is important to document these impacts. LA-Más is now working on a sidewalk policy to ensure that similar projects can be implemented in neighborhoods across Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Linkages Initiative is an interdepartmental service coordination partnership between the Departments of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and Public Social Services (DPSS).

This initiative works together to strengthen families, ensure child safety, promote well-being, and maintain self-sufficiency. SPY is also working to expand the Community Garden Program in order to create a more equitable and sustainable city. Another approach to the role of schools in health equity interventions is to address educational and health disparities by focusing on health problems that are very present in communities. This can be done by providing community-based interventions that have a strong relationship with academic success. The Partnerships Section is also accepting proposals to support recreational parks, recreational facilities, and programs in the City of Los Angeles. In addition, Enterprise provides grants and technical assistance for multi-sector joint development projects and runs a regional network of peers on sustainable and equitable development in gentrified and low-income communities.

The committee expects that the council's participation of community members will be carried out in a spirit of respect and authentic collaboration. The city of Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States with a population of more than 3.5 million. With all these initiatives available to support existing or new community programs in Los Angeles County, residents have access to resources that can help them build better lives for themselves.

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